Costa Rica Books

Lonely Planet Guide to Costa Rica

If you are only going to buy one guidebook to Costa Rica, this is the one. Compact, full of information, and usually honest and informative.

CRJ Rated: ****


Moon Handbooks - Costa Rica

Another good guidebook. I used this and Lonely Planet together on a six week tour of the country - great coverage.

CRJ Rated: ****



Costa Rica Spanish Phrasebook

Excellent portable handbook of Costa Rican spanish. There are a lot of local words and phrases that are used constantly in Costa Rica - this book has them all.



A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica

The Bible of Costa Rica Birding. Excellent color plates, good text descriptions. You'll see reproductions of these plates around the web and even in zoos in Costa Rica.

CRJ Rated: ****



Golden Door Guide to Living in Costa Rica

Without a doubt the best introduction to living, working or retiring in Costa Rica. The first place I look when I have a question about customs, residency, and other topics.

CRJ Rated: ****


Costa Rica: A Traveller's Literary Companion

A collection of Costa Rica literature - unrated.



Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Costa Rica

OK, so many people don't like reptiles and amphibians. But for those that do, this book is better than the Nieman-Marcus Christmas catalog. Jay Savage has devoted his life to researching the herpetofauna of Costa Rica, and this book is a labor of love. If it's not listed in this book, you've probably discovered a new species.

CRJ Rated: ****



The Old Patagonian Express

A travel classic by Paul Theroux. Paul takes the train from the US to Patagonia through Latin America. Unfortunately, the trains in Costa Rica are no longer running after damage from an earthquake a few years ago. Some people say Theroux is too grumpy - but, hey, 10,000 miles on the train can do that to you!

CRJ Rated: ***


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