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Where to sleep.....

Having spent many years on the "gringo trail" in Mexico, Central and South America, one of the most important questions is where to sleep. When hotels aren't available, the two best options (besides sleeping on the beach) are tents and hammocks.

While both have their advantages, most people aren't aware of the comfort and advantages of hammocks. Hammocks keep you cool, are very comfortable, and keep you off the ground and away from creepy-crawlies. That said, most hammocks that are sold both in the US and Latin America are unusable. They are usually way too small, poorly constructed, and unstable.

The best hammocks are made in the town of Merida in the Yucatan (Mexico), and in Brazil. They are typically made of cotton, and are large enough for 2 people to relax in, or one person to sleep in comfortably. The hammocks and tents shown below are all field tested by CRJ, and are usable for long trips.

Byer of Maine Salsa Hammock

This is a Brazilian cotton hammock imported by Byers of Maine. Very durable and comfortable.



Hammock Bliss Mosquito Net

This slick mosquito net slips over your hammock for complete protection from bugs. We use this net on alll our hammocks. Perfect when combined with the Byers hammock shown above.


North Face Dome Tent

Not Cheap....but we've used these tents for 15 years, and they more than meet the need. Good ventilation, fine mesh for insect-free nights, lots of room. A tent that you can spend a couple of days inside during a rainstorm - and not go absolutely stir crazy. Relatively easy set up, durable, a serious tent.


Killer Binoculars

Everyone is raving about the new stabilized Canon binoculars. Whether you are a serious birdwatcher or wildlife fan, or just sightseeing... these binoculars can make your trip a whole lot more enjoyable.


Portable Environmental Toilet

Well, everybody has to go sometime...we use this slick portable toilet when we're camping or living on the beach. Neat portable design (about the size of a briefcase), special gel packs for odorless use, sanitary ziplocks for disposal. Even my finicky girlfriend liked it....



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