Living in Costa Rica

What About Living in Costa Rica?


After visting Costa Rica, many people are interested in living there. The first thing to do is to take an extended trip to Costa Rica and explore the different areas to see which ones you like best. Then, I would do a lot of research. The best book currently on the market is the Golden Door Guide to Living in Costa Rica (See our Books section).

Some things to consider:

A great resource is ARCR (Association of Residents of Costa Rica). "ARCR is an organization serving foreign residents in Costa Rica as well as people abroad who want to become residents of Costa Rica. We serve members both prior to their move to Costa Rica and throughout their years of residency here." Main areas of activity are:

Starting a Business

Starting a business in Costa Rica - Short summary about starting a business


Costa Rica Taxes & Banking

Costa Rica Offshore Taxes - Discussion of business and personal taxes in Costa Rica

Banking in Costa Rica - Summary of banking in CR


Living in Costa Rica - nice site with information and articles about living in Costa Rica



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